posted by coop on Monday, May 25 2015.

Craving a raw, organic juice or smoothie that preserves all the vitamins of fresh fruits and vegetables? Plein Jus is just the taste of summer you've been looking for!

posted by coop on Thursday, May 21 2015.

PRINT YOUR PROMOTIONAL CODE and receive 15% off on our SMART POTS.

Looking for a pot that will last forever but is still green? Sounds like you need a SMART POT! Why a Smart Pot rather than a plastic pot?

-Better aeration
-Better drainage
-Won't trap heat
-No root damage

This promotion will end on June 7th 2015.

posted by coop on Thursday, May 14 2015.

 If you've missed your chance to order them online, you can still come visit us out front of the Coop and pick up everything you need to have a great garden this summer.