The board

Board of Directors

All members of the Coop have the power to decide on the strategic orientation of the Coop.  One way of participating into the decision making process is to serve on the Board of Directors, which is composed of nine volunteer members.  Each membership category is equally represented on the Board:  three positions for user members, three for worker members and three for support members.  Their term of office is three years.

Should you have any questions or should you want to submit your nomination to a position on the Board, do not hesitate to contact us.


Current Board of Directors

User Members
Satoshi Ikeda
Ryan Patrick Kyle
Ian Wallace

Worker Members

Amie Monroe
Jason Hughes

Support Members

Paul Shore
Kurt Houghton

Board Elections

The members of the Board are officially elected at the annual general meeting.  Make sure you join us every year to make yourself heard and use your voting right.

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