AGM - Association pour la Promotion de la rue Sherbrooke Ouest

19h15 - 21h15
Tuesday, September 20 at 19h15 - at 21h15

 Association pour la Promotion de la rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Assemblée Générale 2015 / Annual General Meeting

Lieu: Coopérative la Maison Verte - 5785 Sherbrooke O
Date: 20 septembre 2016
Heure: 19h15-21h00

  1. Inscription des membres / Member sign-in
  2. Ouverture de l'Assemblée et mot de bienvenue / Opening of AGM & word of welcome
  3. Nomination de la présidente et du secrétaire de l'Assemblée / Nomination of Chairperson and Secretary for the AGM
  4. Proposition d'amendements aux réglements généraux de l'Association / Proposal for ammendments to the bylaws of the Association
  5. Discussion et adoption d'amendements des réglements / Discussion & adoption of bylaw ammendments
  6. Approbation du procès-verbal pour l'Assemblée générale de fondation du 11 novembre 2014 / Approval of minutes of the founding meeting on November 11th, 2014
  7. Rapports d'activités 2015 / Activities Report 2015
  8. Rapports financiers 2015 / Financial reports 2015
  9. Élection des administrateurs (5) / Election of Board members (5)
  10. Levée de l'assemblée / Closing of Assembly

Pour devenir membre, il suffit de faire une cotisation de 10$ sur place (membership à vie!)
To become a member, $10 lifetime memberships will be available at the meeting.


The board of the Sherbrooke Street Merchants Association is interested in uniting forces with the rest of the merchants of NDG in order to develop a more vibrant commercial, economic, cultural and social community for all. As NDG merchants, we have much in common with our cousins on Monkland and further afield. Casual conversations with merchants from around the neighbourhood support the notion of a broader membership. Our vision of a united neighbourhood pursuing economic and social development is more pertinent than ever! I propose that the occasion of our 2015 annual assembly on September 20th be the opportunity to develop this vision. With your support, we will need to modify certain bylaws to broaden the membership and territory of the association. This is a proposal, there will be an opportunity for merchants to discuss & adjust them at the annual meeting:

  • Change the name of the association to "Les Gens d'Affaires de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce"
  • Adjust the territory to include the entire municipal district of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
  • Adjust the composition of the board of directors to include at least one member representing Monkland, one representing Sherbrooke and one neighbourhood resident.

In addition, an election will be necessary to fill vacant seats on the board. We will be looking to recruit 5 people willing to meet 6 times per year to make decisions in the interest of the Association and its members.
I'm convinced that we can realise great things with a transparent and inclusive Association. Let's build it together!

Michael Simkin
Association pour la Promotion de la rue Sherbrooke Ouest