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Feature news:  Sweet and sour tofu

posted by coop on Monday, May 02

Thanks to Reveena, a new member, who gave us the secret of her sweet and sour tofu. She even made a video for you!

You can check out Reveena's cooking website at Reveena's Kitchen.

posted by coop on Friday, March 23 2018.

Ever wonder what zero-waste products you can find at the Coop? A whole lot, and we're adding new ones every day! Come bring your containers or pull from the free donated containers available in store. Our staff is happy to help you find what you need or to note down suggestions of new products to bring in. 

posted by coop on Tuesday, November 21 2017.

Come celebrate the Co-op's 17th anniversary with us! This Sunday the 26th of November, join us for vegan cupcakes, family-friendly activities and fun workshops to the tune of the 3 R's.

posted by coop on Tuesday, June 20 2017.
image is the Coop's front window, with kid's toys and hanging floral origami, looking out on a rainy street at night

WOW! We are so thrilled and grateful and goggle-eyed at you, our spectacular community, and the show of support we have received since starting this campaign. As many of you know, we hit our 18K objective last Wednesday evening.


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