Bulk dry goods


Lentils: green, brown, red, split peas

Beans: black, kidney, adzuki, chickpeas

Grains and Semolina: basmati and brown rice, white and 3-coloured quinoa, white and whole wheat couscous

Nuts and Seeds: walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds

Dried Fruits: cranberries, dates, mango

Chocolate: chocolate covered quinoa, chocolate covered cranberries



Ecological Products

As a way to reduce the use of plastics and save you money, at Coop La Maison Verte, you can refill your empty dish soap, laundry and body product containers. We are one of the only stores on the western half of the island to provide so many bulk offerings.


Laundry Detergent:                                                                Dishwashing Soap:                                                 All Purpose Soap

- Biovert : cotton fresh scent or unscented                           - Biovert : citrus                                           - Baleco concentrated
- Nature Clean: unscented                                                   - Baleco : unscented                                   - Savon noir ( from olive oil )
- Baleco :unscented  


Shampoo                                                       Liquid Body Soap                                                             Hand Soap  

Oneka                                                                       - Oneka                                                                      - Baleco : unscented                                      

lavender, citrus, unscented                         lavender, citrus, unscented

Café :  Santopole and Rico

* ( There may be some products that we do not always have in stock )

Air Jordan 1 Low Releasing in Smoke Grey/Red