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Feature news:  We got all the organic meat you are looking for!

posted by coop on Tuesday, October 20
posted by coop on Tuesday, November 21 2017.

Come celebrate the Co-op's 17th anniversary with us! This Sunday the 26th of November, join us for vegan cupcakes, family-friendly activities and fun workshops to the tune of the 3 R's.

posted by coop on Tuesday, June 20 2017.
image is the Coop's front window, with kid's toys and hanging floral origami, looking out on a rainy street at night
posted by coop on Saturday, May 20 2017.

Yes, after much deliberation from the Board of Directors, the Finance Committee and the employees of the Co-op, we've decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to restore our cash flow after having paid out a $28,000 debt in 2015. Every dollar we collect will go towards refurbishing our inventory and bringing in even more of the organic, eco-friendly, local products we're so excited to offer you. You can see our campaign page on Ulule here, and read more about the campaign on our Facebook page and in this Gazette article.


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