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posted by coop on Wednesday, February 03 2016.

We don’t know about you, but this sunny weather is already making us think about our gardens—never mind all the snow out there. Time for us to bring in our organic seeds from Jardins de l’Écoumène! With more than a hundred varieties in the store, we can promise that your garden will be fully stocked. 

posted by coop on Tuesday, February 02 2016.
A Québec winter can mean dry, itchy, red or cracked skin. Time to fight back with high-quality, all-natural products whose ingredients don't read like a chemistry set. It's also a moment when we might need a little extra pampering--what better time to take a nice hot bath and relax? We're offering a brand-new selection of products just for you: call it the self-care section. 
posted by coop on Monday, January 11 2016.

Are you looking for organic meat from grass fed animals? We are working with Rheintal Organic Farms in Sainte-Monique, Quebec, carrying their ground beef, ground veal, ground porc, bacon, and their delicious sausages! 

Our organic poultry and pork comes from Les Viandes Biologiques de Charlevoix, whose animals are pasture fed throughout the spring and summer. We sell their chicken breasts, thighs, wings, whole chickens and their very tasty sausages.


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