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posted by coop on Monday, January 11 2016.

….It is also a café and restaurant, offering you a selection of light, healthy, vegetarian meals. It could be said that we serve the best coffee in N.D.G, come and see for yourself. So this is the place to enjoy a great coffee break in between your regular shopping errands. We even have a kids play corner to occupy the little ones so that  you can enjoy your beverage undisturbed.

Visit us and have a seat at our counter for some friendly conversation with one of the coop’s café regulars.

posted by coop on Monday, January 11 2016.

Are you looking for organic meat from grass fed animals? We are working with Rheintal Organic Farms in Sainte-Monique, Quebec, carrying their ground beef, ground veal, ground porc, bacon, and their delicious sausages! 

Our organic poultry and pork comes from Les Viandes Biologiques de Charlevoix, whose animals are pasture fed throughout the spring and summer. We sell their chicken breasts, thighs, wings, whole chickens and their very tasty sausages.

posted by coop on Monday, January 11 2016.


Lentils: green, brown, red, split peas

Beans: black, kidney, adzuki, chickpeas

Grains and Semolina: basmati and brown rice, white and 3-coloured quinoa, white and whole wheat couscous

Nuts and Seeds: walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds

Dried Fruits: cranberries, dates, mango

Chocolate: chocolate covered quinoa, chocolate covered cranberries




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