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posted by coop on Monday, January 11 2016.

….It is also a café and restaurant, offering you a selection of light, healthy, vegetarian meals. It could be said that we serve the best coffee in N.D.G, come and see for yourself. So this is the place to enjoy a great coffee break in between your regular shopping errands. We even have a kids play corner to occupy the little ones so that  you can enjoy your beverage undisturbed.

Visit us and have a seat at our counter for some friendly conversation with one of the coop’s café regulars.

posted by coop on Monday, January 11 2016.


Lentils: green, brown, red, split peas

Beans: black, kidney, adzuki, chickpeas

Grains and Semolina: basmati and brown rice, white and 3-coloured quinoa, white and whole wheat couscous

Nuts and Seeds: walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds

Dried Fruits: cranberries, dates, mango

Chocolate: chocolate covered quinoa, chocolate covered cranberries



posted by coop on Monday, January 11 2016.

Here are some of the healthy personal hygiene companies that we work with:


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