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posted by coop on Wednesday, January 06 2016.

With the rising American dollar, the drought in California, frosts in Mexico, imported products have really driven up food expenses for the average Canadian household. Subsequently, here at the Co-op, we are working more and more with local producers and suppliers. When you see this logo at the Co-op, know that the product is from Quebec and we are making a strong effort to both diminish our ecological footprint and save you money!

Here are some examples of great local products!

posted by coop on Wednesday, December 02 2015.

We have created a December calendar of activities - print it out and you won't miss a thing! Click to enlarge

posted by coop on Wednesday, December 02 2015.

Again this year, you can sign up for an organic veggie basket from Alternative bio and, for a limited time, you'll receive a $30 gift certificate from the Co-op. Register directly on the Alternative Bio website. Alternative Bio has a variety of formats for baskets of vegetables and fruits.


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