Beeswax Survival Candle - Burns up to 24 hours

Practical Applications and Features of the Pheylonian LIFE LITE SURVIVAL CANDLE No home, vehicle, plane, boat, scout, backpacker or recreational vehicle should be without one. Folks, 2 novels could be written about the most amazing stories told to us by thousands of people around the world who were lucky enough to have had one of these amazing Life Lite units right there with a decent bit of light, warmth and cookin’ energy, especially when they really needed it. The golden light and frequency emanating from these candles enhances one’s ability to stay calm and relaxed in the most serious of conditions. (See ‘Negative Ion" effect of Pure Cappings Beeswax.) The Life Lite Survival Candle burns with a golden light and halo’d heat ball capable of warming a car, tent, boat or trailer. In freezing weather one or two will sufficiently warm a small room. It is a fantastic little cook stove and humidifier. Using a small pot, you can boil 1 cup of liquid (water, soup, etc.) in 6 - 8 minutes. It is functional for cooking porridge, eggs, grains, vegetables, soup, fish, foul or meat, tea, etc. Instructions are inside each can with suggestions on cooking food. In winter emergencies, the lid is adequate to melt snow to provide warm water for drinking. This is very important for two reasons. The most obvious is that it gives internal heat to the body, but more significant is the fact that warm water allays the more serious effects of dehydration. Warm water will actually sustain a person for a long time, whereas the lack of water and warmth will cause shock. Due to the natural honey scent and the halo’d heat ball, these Life Lite Survival Candles actually zap pesky insects and mosquitoes. We didn’t design them to do this, but as we have observed, the sweet aroma of the beeswax attracts mosquitoes into the ‘heat ball’ (halo), which zaps the wings of the mosquitoes and other flying blood suckers, dropping their frazzled carcass into the liquid pool of the beeswax where they immediately disintegrate back into nothing. What a shame! Pure cappings beeswax is a safe, non-explosive fuel as well as being one of the purest known to man. It releases no toxic emissions and burns cleaner and longer than any commercial candle. It also burns up its own carbon emissions throughin’ the auric heat ball. Without a doubt, this haloing effect turns out to be Natures most efficient catalytic converter. Proven to absorb undesirable components in the air, ie: odors from food, pets, cigar and cigarette smoke, as well as dust, mould, viruses, toxins and chemtrail residues. The internationally distributed ‘Canadian Preparedness Magazine’ released an extensive research document on the Pheylonian Survival Can 18 years ago. The magazine highly recommends the multi-purpose usages of this wonderful, environmentally friendly product, as it is very safe in confined situations. Currently featured in the Canadian Geographic Magazine, Body and Soul Magazine, along with being sold by numerous Scout Troops for their fundraisers. In the past 18 years, hundreds of people have saved their lives using the ‘Life Lite’ and thousands have benefited from its use in ‘severe situations’. Most people know that a candle should be kept in your car in the winter time and that you should leave the window open 1/4" for ‘ventilation’ when in use. What most do not know is that ‘regular paraffin’ candles give off next to no heat. Paraffin is also a very low temperature fuel, which should only be burned in a properly ventilated environment because it is technically an extremely toxic fuel. If you are stranded in your car with a regular candle in below zero weather, this low temperature fuel is next to useless; you are freezing with the window open a crack and the candle you have will likely burn for only a few hours. If you are ‘freezing’ and decide to ‘roll up’ the window, you stand a good chance of being asphyxiated. Apparently, over the past few years there are dozens of people who have died from being asphyxiated while burning a paraffin candle in their car or truck when stranded. The difference with our ‘Life Lite’ is that it gives off a sufficient amount of heat to compensate for the cool ‘fresh’ air coming in the 1/4" opening. Now in most cases, people don’t have to open the car window. Cappings beeswax is also a pure fuel, which burns up its own emissions, without the toxic fumes that contribute to asphyxiation from paraffin. According to a the American Lung Association and certain Petrochemical sites, as well as Harvard’s Web site, paraffin substances should not be ingested or inhaled because of the abundance of carcinogens involved, yet they all let the nations throughout the new and old worlds eat and burn this sin~pathetic pultch every day, without knowing it, yes,,, eat it. IMPORTANT FACTS It takes $200.00 worth of paraffin or sterno to match the burning time of our $24.00, non-toxic Survival Candle. If you were in any one of the numerous ice storms, floods, tornadoes or hurricanes lately, how many ‘Life Lite Survival Candles’ would you wish you had in your home, car, boat, trailer, backpack or tent. Fact is, people who burnt many paraffin candles during black-outs and storms have had to steam clean the inside of their house because of the black, unwashable oil slick soot sticking to the walls, curtains, ceilings, etcetera.


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