Druide Detangling Conditioner 250ml

Recommendation:For hair that is often damaged when combed, especially long hair. Helps to counter the effects of hair-dryers. Formula: Cysteine and sunflower oil aid in the ability to style the hair, while plant extracts combat the fragility of the hair. Results:Leaves the hair strong and easy to comb. What began in the Appalachian mountains of southern Quebec in 1979 is today a Montreal-based world-renown company specializing in all-natural, organic personal care products that surpass the worlds strictest ecological standards. These products are guaranteed not to contain: * Synthetic foaming agents* Drying alcohol* Non-biodegradable cocamides, which can accumulate on the skin and create dangerous chemical mutations (formaldehyde, etc.) * Aggressive sulfates* Petroleum derivatives.


260 g


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